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I am committed to providing honest and accurate bookkeeping services to every one of my clients.


More than 25 years experience in the Finance Industry. Numerous Professional Certifications.


Consider me as part of your team. With Calculate, you can rely on our knoweldge and experience.

Welcome to Calculate!

We are so glad you are here! Calculate! was designed for people just like you. Whether you are a startup, non-profit, or small business that needs help with your bookkeeping, we are the right team for the job!!

Accounting is not for everyone! We’ve made this our carreer and are recognized experts in the field, so you can leave this to us. We have many years of experience from personal finance to corporate accounting. We specialize in startups and non-profits and are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors!  While we are located in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, we have clients nationwide and can serve your business no matter where you are located.

We can make sure that your books are up to date and accurate and can even cleanup situations where your books might have gotten out of hand. This is our specialty!

Let us worry about your books so you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.

What we Do


We LOVE working with startup companies! The owners of these companies bring a lot of passion to their creation and are often experts in the area where they are launching a new company. Often times, this can mean that they don’t have the same passion or skills for bookkeeping, or they are too busy launching the business to focus on these kinds of details. That’s where we come in to help startups build their dream with a solid financial foundation!


Non-profits have unique financial requirments and are often run by a staff of volunteers.  That staff can change over time so it’s  critical that you have a consistent resource that is experienced with the unique requirements of the Non-Profit world in your corner! 


Feeling overworked and overwhelmed by your books?  Do you need help but feel like you need to fix your books first?  Don’t wait, call us.

Many small business owners start out managing their own books. Pretty quickly, they can find that bookkeeping is not their strength, which can lead to problems with their books. We are experts at helping small business owners clean up their bookkeeping so they can quickly get their business on a firm financial footing.

Ongoing Bookkeeping

Many of our clients need a Bookkeeping Partner to be a part of their team.  We have helped many small businesses manage their finances through our Bookkeeping services. Consider us a part of your team and we’ll make sure your books are accurate and up to date each quarter! 


What People Say:


Jodi Snow

Jodi Snow


I have worked in finance and accounting for over 25 years. I am passionate about budgeting and finance for small business and everyday people.

I am a single mom who changed my life after taking Financial Peace University. I follow Dave Ramsey and follow his advice for the most part. Well, him and Warren Buffet.

I started Calculate! As a way to share my passion and knowledge to help people feel in control of their money, both personally and professionally

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